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Divine By Design


Divine By Design Is Our Signature Program and The Prerequisite For Discovering Your Dynamic DNA Masterplan. (Start Here) 

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Color By Design


Color By Design Is All About The Science of Color, How it Affects Us and How To Use It To Influence The World We Live In.

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Personal Style By Design


Personal Style By Design Equips You With All The Components For Creating Your Perfect Hair, Make-up, and Wardrobe 

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Communication By Design


Communication By Design Unlocks Your Superpowers of Influence, By Teaching You To Powerfully Connect With ANYONE! 

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Career By Design


Career By Design Is Your 'How To' Course  For Creating Your Dream Work Space and Work Place, All Aligning With Your Personal Design's Talents and Attributes. 

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Customer Service By Design


Customer Service By Design Is All About Creating Real Rapport with Your Customers. After All, They Are Your True Product!

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Knowledge is Power



 Divine By Design is a timeless methodology that identifies each person’s unique and individual Human Design, thru empirical measurement of his or her specific physical attributes, personality traits, and patterns of thought processes.  




 The principles of Divine By Design are a compilation of universal laws that have been identified, studied, and scientifically evaluated for over Three Thousand years. The measurements of these true principals can be found in countless areas of the human existence via shape, color, sound, movement and energy; the most extensive evidence being found in plants, animals, and most importantly human beings.  




 Coming to understand and then implementing the knowledge of the Divine By Design methodologies into everyday life can indeed be the hidden keys needed to powerfully interact, communicate, and excel in every aspect of this Human existence.  Imagine your life full of love, passion, acceptance, and understanding; while living completely on purpose through your true Divine Design...   Author – Laurie Hartley Moore  


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